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    Proyecto: 3º premio Europan 9

    Localización: Odivelas, Lisboa, Portugal

    Arquitectos: Ana Belén López Plazas, Joachim Kraft

    Fecha: 2008

    Cliente: Europan Europa

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    Bubbles - Project description

    Europan 9 competition, Odivelas (Portugal)

    We have to build new opportunities in public space on a site where the elements playing major parts are social and perceptive, project instruments of invisible qualities without any formal characteristics. Space is generated instead of designed. The multidisciplinary group defines the process. A multidisciplinary group formed of different dimensions surrounding the intervention:


    "The site has become a void or bubble with the surroundings having decided to search their own benefit. Nothing communicates with anything. The site forms a social frontier coinciding moreover with political and administrational limits."

    "There’s no social master plan to be found, regulating the territory totally."

    "A BUBBLE OF SOCIAL ISOLATION (BSI), WICH NEEDS TO FIND THE CITIZENSHIP BETWEEN ITS COMPONENTS. We search sustainability based on quality of social relationships."


    "We’ve got three types of actors forming our social bubble: neighbours of adjacent quaters/local inhabitants/new residents"

    "During the last years the technological revolution has started an important modification in social relationships. The inoccupation is not any more connected with the decrease of a product but we observed during several years an increase of the production with a decrease of the occupation, on the other hand, the changing qualities necessary to enter the labour sphere has originated that many of the actual unoccupied can not be reintegrated into the productivity process any more. Or the have to take a huge effort of readapting which is, taken for granted the complete lack of interest of the public administration, almost impossible. The locals improve their quality of live in situ. Converting them into citizens with an interest to build urbanity suitable for their territory."

    "26 years old, without any job training and having drug problems. The reintegration into works one starting point of the sustainability of the project (new enterprises in exchange of letting drugs and drug dealing down). The rules are made for ordinary citizens, we’ve got non – citizens, people for whom the city is not thought, laws should speak in global terms about helping the disadvantaged. We have to listen to what these people need, a reintegration into urbanity, the city has to adopt at them, not vice versa. For the new residents we offer room for emancipation of young people. New possibilities for freelancers: new enterprises. The inhabitants of the neighbouring areas benefit of the special connections for new work and leisure opportunities (Airport)."


    "Departing from the premise to abolish the concept of housing associated to property, housing is postulated an essential resource – service; not to understand the housing as a sum of spaces but of habitats. This way round, the project proposes the public property of all spaces, including those who traditionally are considered to be private, doing that the housing project happens to be a system of space management, not the design of the same ones, an offer of time-habitat based on the capacity for change and temporal adaption to the planning structures of dynamic and not static problems."

    "To tie the vital experience with the natural soil contributes many advantages. There is proposed a system inicialised by a minimal investment. The origin is the action to build a germ unit. The family unit grows as the families economy grows. Some rules are marked to control how the private spongiest gesticulates with the space of the neighbour: the constructing parameters. The equipments that form this new stripe of city will be based on the associations and in the importance of the word of all the components of the social scene."

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